"In professional sports, the psychological intensity is extremely high. Every day you become more and more aware of your flaws and weaknesses. It is natural that I tried to answer existential questions."




Basketball game - Brigham Young University, USA vs Basketball Club Zadar

Wednesday, 23.8.2023., 7 pm
Krešimir Ćosića Hall, Višnjik, Zadar

Ticket price: 2 euro (available at ticket office by the hall)

Brigham Young University, division I NCAA, will play the local Basketball Club Zadar, Croatian champions season 2022/2023, as part of their Italy-Croatia trip tour. The university has a special 50-year connection with Zadar thanks to their mutual player, Zadar's Kresimir Cosic. Kresimir Cosic, Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, is the most awarded player ever in Croatia and one of three in Europe, he was the first non-American to receive All American honors in the US, he revolutionized basketball in Europe and was the first European drafted for the NBA opening the US basketball gate to European basketball players.

BYU will be visiting the Kresimir Cosic Camp held in Zadar at the time, Kresimir Cosic statue and Kresimir's first basktball hoop memorial site.


Remebering Kreso

Every year on May 25th we pay tribute to one of the greatest basketball players in history of the sport. 26 years has passed since Kreso lost his final game against limphoma in Baltimore, Maryland.

On this day we especially like to remember his good spirit, eternal optimism and the vision he had for Croatian and European basketball. Despite all the hurdles, he pushed for changes and every team he was a part of, he left it better and more complete. He helped develop the game of basketball in general, in his home country, Europe and at college. He was an innovator, his thinking was 15 years ahead of the game. He was a visionary and a basketball genius. The man ahead of his time is proof that despite all obstacles, with work and vision, we can do amazing things.

Due to the pandemic, this year's anniversary was marked only by laying flowers on Kreso's grave in Zagreb at the Mirogoj Cemetery and by his statue overlooking the Kresimir Cosic Hall in Zadar.

Participants: Kresimir Cosic's family, the Croatian Basketball Federation, members of the Kresimir Cosic Association and representatives from the Basketball Club Zadar.  



Masks for the Zagreb Sports High School

The Kresimir Cosic Association donated 100 washable double-layered masks for 100 students in the Zagreb Sports High School where young athletes from all over Croatia are able to get their high school degree and focus on their prefered sport at the same time.

This is the next generation of great athletes and with quality masks, hopefully, we can keep them safe and practicing. 


Kreso's First Basketball Hoop Renovated!

The Kresimir Cosic Association was working with the local government to renovate Kreso's first basketball hoop for his 25th death anniversary on May 25, 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic delayed the renovation but despite this setback, the basket and wall were successfully renovated and presented on September 4th, 2020. The basketball hoop represents more than a mere starting of a great career. It reminds us that despite all odds if we work hard and set our goals, we can become anything. Young generations are reminded that in the beginning, no one believed in Kreso, and despite this, he never lost faith and became the second foreigner to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Olympic medalist, FIBA Hall of Famer, FIBA Marrit Award recipient, All American and so much more. https://www.kresimircosic.com/en/kresimir-cosic/awards-and-acknowledgements/ 

Kresimir Cosic was the first player to play all 5 positions, a misunderstood center of the time, 20 years ahead of his time, a revolutionary, a medal-winning coach, and all of this because he didn't care when they said 'You'll never be good enough'.

The hoop is located in Zadar, by Kreso's childhood home, Frana Alfirevica street.


Kresimir Cosic Street And Memorial Center in Dobropoljana.

Kreso's parent's birth place, Dobropoljana on Pasman Island across from Zadar, is giving back to Kresimir Cosic who put them on the map.

Recently a mural was painted at the enterance of the village and the main street that enters Dobropoljana was named after Kresimir Cosic. Soon we will be seeing Kreso's memorial center, welcome signs with his name on them and a statue!

Pasman Mayor, coincidently named Kresimir Cosic, who was named after this great basketball legend said:
'We plan to build a memorial center for Kresimir Cosic. His family and the Kresimir Cosic Association will be involved in the process. We also asked the Croatian Olympic Comittee, Croatian Basketball Federation and the government for finalancial help. The center will be built by the basketball court where he as a child spent his summers playing basketball. We also plan to build a life size statue of Kreso as well as setting up welcome boards upon entering Dobropoljana where it will be evident that Kreso was originally from there.'

This basketball hall-of-famer is already givien tribute in Zagreb where a square is named after him, in Vukovar and Zadar each with Kresimir Cosic streets, on Ugljan Island a palace bears his name, in Opatija he has a star on their walk of fame, in Provo (Utah) his Jersey was retired at BYU, and in Zadar he has his statue looking at the Kresimir Cosic Sports Hall.

Since 1998 the Croatian national basketball cup bears the name - The Kresimir Cosic Cup.



Krešo Made His First Basket for Zadar in Dubrovnik

Vlado Vanjak, coach and personal friend, doc. Ivan Fattorini, family friend, and Ana Cosic Pajurin, Kreso's daughter presented Kreso's autobiography in Dubrovnik. 

Ana emphasized how when deciding on the book concept, she realized that it had to go chronologically because while you are reading it, you realize how much he matures as a man and as a basketball player with each turning page. 

Kreso started writing his autobiography in the 80's, just as Ana was born, and never quite finished it. Ana took all his writing and audio cassettes and complied a 400-page book. It’s based on all his memoirs and as Ana claims 'Every single word in that book is his. This is why it is so important for athletes to read it, he constantly emphasizes that a great player is not necessarily the one with the best stats. A great player, makes the team great.'

Vlado said that it was a privilege to know him and be his friend, because wherever he went, he just made everyone a better person. He said that little is known about his efforts in the Croatian embassy in the U.S. during the Homeland war in Croatia, how important he was for the country in helping explain the complex situation that was taking place at the time. 'He was very much at home in the U.S., he knew so many people wherever he went. In Utah he was a hero, they build a sports hall just so that they could fit 20,000 people that wanted to go see him play at BYU. He was the first foreigner All-American, can you believe this man rejected the NBA? Who does that? He was offered a huge contract but finally decided to go home, because he missed his friends and the Zadar way of life too much.'

Fattorini recalled memories of them visiting Italy where Kreso played and how he received the biggest standing ovation even though he was at the time playing for the competing team. 'Wherever he showed up, they applauded him, it would take us an hour to just walk down a street because everyone wanted an autograph, to talk to him, just to say hi.' 

The Visia Hall in Dubrovnik center was filled with nostalgic fans and young basketball players showing that he is not forgotten in any corner of Croatia and wider.



Here is What People are Saying About Kreso’s Book

''I have the need to say that I am honestly fascinated with the text. It fantastic, interesting, intriguing, with numerous life lessons. There is no such book in Croatian literature. It is so powerful, it reveals in a very direct way a completely new dimention of a great athlete. Reading is joy, it widens the readers horizons and enables a sort of emotional connection to a world-class athlete. I especially enjoyed the end, I had this gush of emotion and couldn’t keep myself from sheading a tear. It was an honor to read this book. As a reader I have to say: Thank you for sharing it with the world."

Alan Čaplar, editor, 1st edition


''This is great. This book is especially important for the history of basketball. An unusual writer, an exceptional basketball player. I am still in shock, good shock, as to how much this autobiography is nothing like I’ve ever read."

Jovan Kosijer, former Sportske novosti journalist


"I can’t remember the last time I read a book. This one, however, I read with such ease and anticipation. Here you see who Kreso was. Objective, self-critical, objective and aware of himself and his surroundings. The way that he presents the success of the Jugosavian national team is elegant and full of spirit. And that is exactly who he was."

Vladimir Vanjak, friend


"Kreso just gave me blast from the past. I went back with him to our days when we were young, days I long for. His memories of every moment of his life and partly mine made me very emotional. I was especially fascinated with his thoughts and explanations, almost philosophical value in all of them. Not to mention his knowledge of sports psychology which is at a scientific level. 
And so, as much as I was happy to read this book, I was also sad. I had a hard time going back to those great times. This book will remind everyone who knew him of who he was and to those that didn’t, it will tell the true story of the greatest of the great, my teammate, friend and best man that I will miss forever.

Dragan Kapičić, teammate in Jugoslavian national team