"All the awards and praises came in handy to finish my College career. Despite all professional offers I answered the same way – I said no. I was drafted for the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers. I just couldn’t accept becoming a professional player in which case money would control my life and being. I didn’t want to subside just to basketball and only be a basketball player. I was aware that life had wider, deeper and higher dimensions than the game. I knew that true magic was in real, not bought, competition. So, at an early age, I decided that money, fame and vanity can’t mean anything. I will play, live and in that I will succeed."



Krešimir Ćosić Square
Krešimir Ćosić Street
Krešimir Ćosić Street
Krešimir Ćosić Hall
Memorial basketball hoop
Otok Ugljan
Kresimir Cosic Castle
A star on the walk of fame
Provo, Utah
Marriot center, retired jersey
Pašman, Dobropoljana
Krešimir Ćosić Street