"All the awards and praises came in handy to finish my College career. Despite all professional offers I answered the same way – I said no. I was drafted for the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers. I just couldn’t accept becoming a professional player in which case money would control my life and being. I didn’t want to subside just to basketball and only be a basketball player. I was aware that life had wider, deeper and higher dimensions than the game. I knew that true magic was in real, not bought, competition. So, at an early age, I decided that money, fame and vanity can’t mean anything. I will play, live and in that I will succeed."




Exhibition: Kresimir Cosic

29 Years of Eternity

Zrinjevac Park, Zagreb - An outdoor exhibition is set to take place May 24-29 marking 29 years since the passing of basketball great Kresimir Cosic. As park visitors enjoy a light walk down Zrinjevac Park they will be able to reminisce on the rich legacy Kreso left behind during his short life of 46 years. 10 lit pannels will take them through the life of Kresimir Cosic and serve as a reminder of his role in world history. It is important to keep a memory of life works especially when they change the world, for the better.

Friends and family gathered on May 25th, to remember Kresimir's contribution and legacy.