"All the awards and praises came in handy to finish my College career. Despite all professional offers I answered the same way – I said no. I was drafted for the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers. I just couldn’t accept becoming a professional player in which case money would control my life and being. I didn’t want to subside just to basketball and only be a basketball player. I was aware that life had wider, deeper and higher dimensions than the game. I knew that true magic was in real, not bought, competition. So, at an early age, I decided that money, fame and vanity can’t mean anything. I will play, live and in that I will succeed."




Basketball game - Brigham Young University, USA vs Basketball Club Zadar

Wednesday, 23.8.2023., 7 pm
Krešimir Ćosića Hall, Višnjik, Zadar

Ticket price: 2 euro (available at ticket office by the hall)

Brigham Young University, division I NCAA, will play the local Basketball Club Zadar, Croatian champions season 2022/2023, as part of their Italy-Croatia trip tour. The university has a special 50-year connection with Zadar thanks to their mutual player, Zadar's Kresimir Cosic. Kresimir Cosic, Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, is the most awarded player ever in Croatia and one of three in Europe, he was the first non-American to receive All American honors in the US, he revolutionized basketball in Europe and was the first European drafted for the NBA opening the US basketball gate to European basketball players.

BYU will be visiting the Kresimir Cosic Camp held in Zadar at the time, Kresimir Cosic statue and Kresimir's first basktball hoop memorial site.