"All the awards and praises came in handy to finish my College career. Despite all professional offers I answered the same way – I said no. I was drafted for the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers. I just couldn’t accept becoming a professional player in which case money would control my life and being. I didn’t want to subside just to basketball and only be a basketball player. I was aware that life had wider, deeper and higher dimensions than the game. I knew that true magic was in real, not bought, competition. So, at an early age, I decided that money, fame and vanity can’t mean anything. I will play, live and in that I will succeed."




Here is What People are Saying About Kreso’s Book

''I have the need to say that I am honestly fascinated with the text. It fantastic, interesting, intriguing, with numerous life lessons. There is no such book in Croatian literature. It is so powerful, it reveals in a very direct way a completely new dimention of a great athlete. Reading is joy, it widens the readers horizons and enables a sort of emotional connection to a world-class athlete. I especially enjoyed the end, I had this gush of emotion and couldn’t keep myself from sheading a tear. It was an honor to read this book. As a reader I have to say: Thank you for sharing it with the world."

Alan Čaplar, editor, 1st edition


''This is great. This book is especially important for the history of basketball. An unusual writer, an exceptional basketball player. I am still in shock, good shock, as to how much this autobiography is nothing like I’ve ever read."

Jovan Kosijer, former Sportske novosti journalist


"I can’t remember the last time I read a book. This one, however, I read with such ease and anticipation. Here you see who Kreso was. Objective, self-critical, objective and aware of himself and his surroundings. The way that he presents the success of the Jugosavian national team is elegant and full of spirit. And that is exactly who he was."

Vladimir Vanjak, friend


"Kreso just gave me blast from the past. I went back with him to our days when we were young, days I long for. His memories of every moment of his life and partly mine made me very emotional. I was especially fascinated with his thoughts and explanations, almost philosophical value in all of them. Not to mention his knowledge of sports psychology which is at a scientific level. 
And so, as much as I was happy to read this book, I was also sad. I had a hard time going back to those great times. This book will remind everyone who knew him of who he was and to those that didn’t, it will tell the true story of the greatest of the great, my teammate, friend and best man that I will miss forever.

Dragan Kapičić, teammate in Jugoslavian national team